We live in neighborhoods in towns and cities of all sizes. Neighborhood roads connect a community. But, communities are more than roads and a zip code. Communities have schools, stores, places to eat and worship, and services for our health and safety. Communities should be where we have a sense of belonging. This site is intended to help you explore how to create connections in your community to meet people, plan places to live, work and volunteer during and after high school, and learn about services.
Video Resources:

Go To College

Transitioning Into College with a Disability | Better Not Bitter Podcast - Ep: 03

Get Services in the Community

Seated Workouts for Kids | Wheelchair Exercise | Wheelchair Workouts

Live in the Community

Virtual CBI Grocery Shopping

Work in the Community

Working it Out: Disability, Employment & COVID-19

Friendship support

How to help a friend cope


Supporting Disabled Entrepreneurs with Diego Mariscal and Hannah Frankl on The Huemann Perspective

Economic/Personal Finance

7 Easy Ways to Get Financial Help for Disabled People

Mental Health

Managing a Disability & Your Mental Health w/Molly Burke & therapist Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Recreation (What to do for fun)

Adaptive Outdoor Recreation: Tree Climbing for Kids with Disabilities

Community Engagement/boards, councils, faith-based orgs. And how to get involved

Social Inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

ADA Compliance

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) // Basic Training You Need To Know


The Intersection of Transit and Disability

Virtual Employment

Employer: Going Virtual with Disability Solutions

Virtual Meetings

How to Run a Virtual Meeting [BEST PRACTICES]